The Power of Scent and the Importance of Natural Candles

Have you ever wandered around a shopping centre on a lazy Saturday afternoon, when you catch a whiff of a gorgeous scent in the air? You follow your nose, and end up finding yourself in a candle store, surrounded by so many delightful scents you feel quite overwhelmed.

Before you know it, you’ve spent $100 or more, but it’s worth it, because as soon as you get home, you get to fill your home with the cozy feel and aromatic scent of your latest purchase.

Now there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the calming or uplifting effects of scented candles, but unfortunately, many candles are made with synthetic ingredients that simply fill your home with chemicals as soon as you light them. You may experience no effects, but that doesn’t mean they’re not affecting your health as these chemicals find their way into your body. Or perhaps you’re sensitive to artificial fragrance, and have given up looking for that perfect candle, because you end up with a headache or even an asthma attack every time you try to create an ambient atmosphere.

Before you give up all hope, we’re excited to let you in on a little secret…we provide our customers with all natural candles free from all harmful chemicals and fragrance! This means you can finally enjoy the wonderful benefits candles provide, but without putting your health at risk.

Made with natural soy wax, pure cotton wicks and scented with essential oils, we have a scent to suit every mood! Keep reading to find out more about two of our amazing scents to help you start your day and end it on the right note…

Energizing Orange and Lemongrass

You absolutely can’t go wrong with the scent of citrus to instantly perk up your mood, while clearing your mind and soothing your troubles. Orange is well-known for it’s wonderful uplifting properties, and just a whiff of this happy scent will boost your spirits and put you at ease.

Lemongrass is an excellent pick-me up, and it’s refreshing and rejuvenating properties will help to balance and ground you while enhancing mental clarity. This candle is perfect for energizing your work and living spaces.

Relaxing Vanilla and Sage Flower

Vanilla is one of the most popular candle scents and it’s easy to see (or should we say smell!) why. The romantic, warm and sweet scent of vanilla has antidepressant and calming properties and is also known as an aphrodisiac.

Just one whiff of Sage flower will transport you to a garden paradise with its sweet and floral aroma that is simply irresistible! Its beautiful scent creates a sense of euphoria once exposed to it, and it can even help to alleviate chronic pain and fatigue. Light this one up after a long day to help you unwind in the best way.

These are just two of our decadent scents, click here to learn more about our other candle scents. Our candles make beautiful and thoughtful gifts, but we won’t judge if you treat yourself too! Go on, you’ve earned it.

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